Monday, April 9, 2012

{Fun} exploring the backroads...

We live in a really pretty valley - particularly this time of year. On our routes to grandma & grandpa's house and hutch studio, we pass many daffodil, tulip, & iris fields. Even though I grew up in this area, I still love it when the fields are full of color - it never gets old. Sayer is sort of used to me pulling over to take photos every now & then. These days, the tourist traffic is crazy, but when you are a local - you can usually sneak in quick little trips at odd times or find the more obscure spots & backroads to check out the beauty. Today was just gorgeous - so Sayer & I took off for a little adventure through the backroads to check out the daffodils, soak up some sun, & play in the mud. Not surprisingly, I  was focusing the camera on Sayer way more then the flowers - along with noticing some awesome texture. 

Instagram is one of my favorite things lately. Here are some shots from today & on our route  home from grandma & grandpa's house the other day. Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm so grateful that it's finally feeling like spring around here....

*you can find me on instagram @KLTworks

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  1. He looks so grown up here. Wow. And I'm SO loving these instagrams of yours! Crazy but, it looks like Sayer is Keira's height. And she's 7. lol.



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