Friday, April 6, 2012

{illustration} A rare find...

So speaking of rabbits, the velveteen kind to be exact - I have an interesting & cool vintage find to share. Last year I stumbled on a book called, Best in Children's Books- a compilation of stories edited by Doubleday press in 1960. I started thumbing through it because it included The Velveteen Rabbit (which is probably the most influential book of my childhood). As a bonus, I was literally giddy when I saw that Maurice Sendak (who is a favorite illustrator of mine) had illustrated it!  Do I even have to tell you that I I bought the book just for these illustrations?

Sendak's early drawings are my favorite & I really love his interpretation of this story.   I thought a few days before Easter would be  perfect time to share them. Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Easter! 


  1. Oh how many times I have cried over this book as a child... and how I whispered in every beloved stuffed animal's ear that they were real... <3

  2. This story chokes me up also. What I love about these illustrations is how clever he used texture and strokes that it doesn't need much colour, only the 1 to make it pop! Imagine the savings in printing! lol.



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