Thursday, June 14, 2012

{Inspiration} Mr. Rogers & the garden of your mind...

Last Friday, PBS posted a video that has had me on a major Mr. Rogers kick ever since. I've been playing it pretty much non-stop since I first saw it in the PBS facebook feed. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood conjures up such nice memories - it's a wonderful hit of nostalgia. But as a mom, it was a really perfect reminder of a special show - & as a small business owner, it was the much needed inspiration I'd been seeking. 

Some of you may remember me talking about my love of watching documentary films when I'm needing to decompress & take a creative break. Well, this little video got me on a search that led me to Mr. Rogers & Me & I watched it this weekend (I actually bought it on itunes). It was just what I needed- two thumbs up from me!

I introduced Sayer to Mr. Rogers this weekend as well. Not only by the cool "Garden of Your Mind" video, but by watching a few episodes of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I was thrilled to see that there are videos posted on PBSkids. We watched an episode on Tuesday about paper (here). This is what it inspired.... 

We had a blast making this paper chain like the one in the Mr. Rogers paper episode. But we had even more fun playing with it. Of course, I had to document this colorful play (along with the new german pointer toddler tee). 

Thanks Fred Rogers, for still encouraging continuous joy...

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  1. I grew up with Mr Rogers too along with Captain Kangeroo and Bill Cosby & the Gang.. brings back lots of nostalgic memories. Love that you and Sayer had a great time making paper chains! Seriously, the lil dude is the coolest dressed kid around! Did he get a haircut too? Those photos are awe-sum!

    1. Me too! It's been a really great discovery! Yep, we all have our summer haircuts. We loved making the paper chain. We are still making paper stuff in the studio. Thanks! It was fun taking those photos... :) The paper chain was just the pop of color I need with that tee.



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