Friday, June 29, 2012

{Inspiration} a tiny ferry ride & studio visit...

Recently, during an opening at hutch studio, I had the opportunity to meet a pretty fantastic woman named Sue Roberts. She was patiently waiting to ask me questions during a thread drawing demo & introduced herself- right before she had to dash off to catch a teeny ferry to Guemes Island. It wasn't too long after she left, that I actually realized that I was a fan of her sculptures & had seen some of her work in many galleries over the years. Since then, both Chris & I have had the chance to hang out with her a bit. She is a ceramicist/sculptor as well as Chris so their paths have been crossing often lately. 

Chris' dad is visiting from Rhode Island right now & we are always looking for a cool things to do when he is here & Sue had just happened to invite us over for a studio visit - which was perfect timing!  We all hopped in the car, took a itty bitty ferry, & met Sue at her studio (Tower Arts Studio) for a tour. 

She & Chris talked clay talk & I visually took in Sue's world. My eyes immediately honed in on a medical model of the body on her top shelf & I pointed out to Sayer.  He, of course, went bonkers (as he is still obsessed with the body) - she was so great & let him play with it! He and Grandpa Whitebeard (what Sayer calls Chris' dad) worked on that body for a really long time- the parts are much easier to take out than put back in apparently. I then had a chance to just walk around & check out all of the sites...

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all had a wonderful time yesterday! After our studio tour, Sue took us on a site seeing adventure of the island including a frolic on the beach - all after serving us handmade chocolates (she has a little chocolate business too!) & coffee. She is one talented & fun gal! Thanks Sue- Sayer is still talking about the medical body (I think he even dreamed about it)! 

Hope you have a fun weekend with lots of cool adventures. Any plans?

Photo Credit: Artwork: Sue Roberts 

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  1. Wow what a studio tour! How lucky were you all? Her studio is gorgeous as is the sites outside.. I love the whimsical appeal of her sculptures, they each seem to have a story behind them and she looks like such a lovely person! Sayer is so lucky to be immersed in art, every day with you and Chris and outings such as these. I wish we could have tagged along as well.



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