Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Beach Day} The Piping Plover...

I can never get enough of the beach. I go often to one that is not far from my house. It's a beach that I used to visit in high school to clear my mind - no matter what the season- & it still mellows me right out.  So, when I have a new klt:works tee to photograph (particularly a beachy one) it's my "go to" spot with my guys/models. Here are a few of my favorite shots from a fun day of shooting the new Piping Plover tees.

Sayer told me that he was "relaxing" in this photo.  We were all salty & tuckered - a day well spent. Do you live near a beach? Where is your favorite "go to" spot in the summer?

Piping Plover Tees- mens
Piping Plover Tees- toddlers/youth

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  1. You live in such beautiful place Kristin, these images are incredible. Btw, I want Sayer's glasses too. : )



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