Friday, August 10, 2012

{Anchor Art Space} Give me "Shelter"...

Last Friday there was an art opening at a fairly new, local gallery called, Anchor Art Space. Chris had three pieces in the show that were all made out of cardboard, having to do with the shows theme "shelter" (they're in the front windows). Chris & I attended the opening ourselves - yes we had a date night! But on Sunday, I took Sayer to see the show while Chris worked down the street in a booth (representing Anchor Art Space) at the Anacortes Art Festival. I'll post more about that tomorrow, but for now I wanted to give you a tour of the gallery through the eyes of a 4 1/2 year old. The curators of the exhibit & active board members, Natalie Niblack & Ann Reid, are also art educators - so the gallery has a very child friendly atmosphere. 

Photos by Polly Purvis & "Quilted Cave" by Julia Haack

Jasmine, also the educator at the Museum of Northwest Art, shows Sayer how to work a piece by architect, Tom Theisen. She was very helpful in explaining the art to Sayer along with encouraging him to explore & observe at his own pace. 

Artwork by Eduardo & Britta Johnson

Tricia S Stackle & Andrew Kline 

work by David Hall 

The newest piece that Chris finished was actually inspired by Sayer's room. The imagery was derived completely by Sayer's things. The piece was put together at the space for the first time - a pop up sculpture of sorts & Sayer hadn't seen it yet. This was his first sighting & he loved it! After observing it from all angles, he wanted to document it with a drawing.   

So he drew.... 

... & drew... 

& drew some more.

It was so much fun to see the show with Sayer & to see the curiosity & admiration in his eyes when he saw Chris' piece. I highly recommend seeing an art gallery/ museum with your kids- it's really quite refreshing. 

Anchor Art Space -
Chris Theiss - Check out photos of the set up of his pieces here

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is full of creativity & interesting sights!


  1. that's wonderful seeing the exhibition through Sayer's eyes! I take my kids to art exhibitions, although they find openings a bit tedious, unless there are lots of nibbles they can graze on!

    1. Thanks Sally! It made the experience even that much cooler! I know, if we take Sayer to an opening, it's knowing it will be a quick browse through... I tend to take him to art galleries on less crowded or busy days. :)

  2. Sayer has the creative juice! I think you're both amazing parents for encouraging and showing Sayer art like this. It opens up worlds and possibilities that I wish my parents had done for me when I was his age. Chris's pieces are show stoppers. I would have loved to have seen a 'pair exhibition' too. Either a yin/yang of your art with Chris's and/or complementary pieces. Now that would be awesome!



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