Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside...

Winter has a way of being sort of magical. I love how pretty the trees look in the snow, the  light the snow brings, and the texture that is created- it's all stunning. It hasn't snowed here yet but when you look up at the mountains (that aren't too far away)- they're a beautiful white. I had an idea for the Winter Issue of La Petite Magazine (that should be out soon) and wanted to try to capture a little bit of that winter magic. I was a snowflake making, cotton ball stringing nut while making a backdrop to use when photographing my article For the Love of Books. Yesterday, we decided to take our Christmas pictures in the handmade wonderland- and had some snowy fun...

I'm lucky - KLTworks is a labor of love. But I'll tell ya, December is always a complete blur and gone in a flash. I've figured out over the years to get my Christmas shopping done before the craziness starts and I know how to make time for the important stuff (like pre-school caroling trips to the retirement home & Christmas program). But I do feel like my head is down working through most of the holiday season and my social life consists of my trips to the post office and UPS. I haven't gotten it together to send out a Christmas card or letter type thing for years and my posts here on the sketchbook have been spare lately.  But here it goes,  better late than never and straight from the heart... 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!! 


  1. You take the most awesome photos! I love this series!

    1. Thanks Chantale! We have fun goofing with the camera timer. Our holidays are well documented. :) Had fun making all the snow flakes too!



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