Saturday, December 29, 2012

{Inspiration} The Sketchbook Project...

Do you need a reason to create? Well, this might just be the catalyst you need. I just stumbled on this great organization called the Art House Co-op that "builds art projects and communities". Housed in the Brooklyn Art Library, is their flagship endeavor called The Sketchbook Project which a place where sketchbooks from thousands of creative people around the world are collected and formed into a traveling library of artist's books. Anyone can participate- their youngest sketchbook creator is 4 or 5 and the oldest is about 87. Check this out... 

I absolutely love this idea - the concept behind the Art House Co-op is brilliant. Such a fun thing to find on our way into a new year. I think kiddo and I might have to start creating our sketchbooks soon how about you? Click here to participate. 

Hope you are having a nice, relaxing weekend. 

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