Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} comfort palette...

I absolutely love color.  But I do find that there are colors that I gravitate towards more often than others. My paintbox, closet, & house are full of greens & blues. They seem to be my comfort colors. Maybe it's because my eyes are a combination of the two. I created another Etsy treasury of colors & images that feel comforting & happy to me. 

You can view this Etsy Treasury live here. What are your comfort colors?

Photos: My watercolor tubes, travel palette, & favorite brush.


  1. like! :]

    i love greens and blues, but i tend to buy red and orange and yellow and brown things for our house. i'm attracted to bold reds and subtle browns and all the other warm in between colors, for whatever reason.

    i need more blue in my life.

  2. hey wow, i love this and green... such a great combo!
    happy day

  3. Your comfort palette reminds of the beach somewhere.. preferably hawaiian in nature. : ) Ah.. beautiful colours..

  4. Splendid combination Kristin! You know I love blues and greens together too - I feel so happy and calm surrounded by these colours.
    I love the 2 photos above - just wonderful!



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