Friday, February 11, 2011

{Fabric Friday} Emilio Pucci...

My first memory of discovering Emilio Pucci designs was about 15 years ago when I lived in NYC. There was this really wonderful vintage clothing shop a few blocks from my school/studio. Every now and then I would stop by to browse & play dress up. This store had a lot of high end designers from the 50's - 70's and I remember being particularly taken with the bold & colorful designs of Emilio Pucci. One of the bizarre facts that I just learned, is that Pucci's first clothing designs were for the Reed College skiing team- in 1935 he received a skiing scholarship from Reed College and later received his MA in social science. It just strikes me really interesting that someone born in Florence, Italy to a noble family, would end up in a small college in Portland, Oregon. I won't go into his whole history, but this fact was one I found particularly notable. Needless to say, he was known for his bright & bold textiles and his designs have been sought after by quite a range of woman like Marilyn Monroe (she was been buried in one of his dresses), Jackie Kennedy, & Madonna. 

{source here & here}

I'm really enjoying my textile design history tangent that I have been on lately. I had to include that hilarious helmet design. You know, I live in the rainy NW & something like that just might be the answer to these grey rain filled days.  I think I could totally pull that off at the local grocery store, don't you? Happy Fabric Friday! Do you have a favorite textile designer? 


  1. Do you remember the 90s when leggings were all the craze? I mean, printed wild leggings? It was the first and only time I asked my sister in California to get me Pucci-esque leggings.. and Pucci-esque leggings she sent me! In satin, velour, cotton.. and in bright Pucci style patterns and colours. I loved them! I'm loving my texture art history on your blog. More please! Have a super weekend L.Theiss family. : )

  2. I would love to Pucci you out. I can especially see you in the bubble hat.
    Chris from hutch



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