Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{Real Life} icky...

Things are running at a little slower pace around here. Sayer isn't feeling too hot- he's not quite his perky self. While I was  thinking that the blooming daffodil fields were triggering allergies, I'm not so sure now. It's always hard to imagine how yucky the little guy feels because his fire station is still humming right along & he is still dealing with tons of emergencies with his fire coat & hat on. However, this little fireman is down for the count right now (but on the mend). This is the first time that he has gotten sick since he has been so verbal & not in a crib. It's been so helpful having him articulate what he needs & feels (we've had a pretty good run this winter). Last night he summed it up pretty well by telling me that, "this is no fun at all Mommy". So, we are getting some good cuddle time in, working on making an elevator for his fire station, & taking it easy today. Hopefully the fire station will be running at full speed tomorrow. 
Hope you're having a good Tuesday! 


  1. and hoping your little tot is much better very soon.
    it is always so terrible when they are sick, seeing them down and unwell...
    but on the other site, very often they recover very quick!
    Hope he gets some good sleep, lots of cuddles and tea...
    and I agree, nice when they can tell you whats up :)
    take care you 2!

  2. Aw... love his icky pics.. Poor lil dude, hope he feels better soon! And hope mommy gets some rest somehow too! Sending hugs your way Sayer dude... :D

  3. Oh, I hope Sayer feels better soon! Poor little guy! xo

  4. oh pool little guy! :(
    Hope that he will feel better soon!



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