Friday, April 1, 2011

{Fabric Friday} first 2 creative competition entries...

Oh wow, do I have a treat for you fabric lovers today! It's finally time to share the first 2  entries of the 5 Bundle Creative Competition. I ended up realizing (for a number of reasons) that it would be best to separate the posts. So, I will post the the next 3 entries on Tuesday (the lime green, robin's egg blue, & pinks stacks). You will have a chance to see all 5 next Friday for the final judging.  For those that are new to the blog, let me quickly catch you up. In an attempt to "destash" my studio, I held a contest to receive 5 bundles of fabric that I put together with the instructions to make something with the fabric & then send me pictures of the finished product on the 31st of March. I have to say, this has been so fun! I love the enthusiasm, excitement, & genuine interest that has been shown - not to mention the variety of creative vision. All five bundle winners really put forth so much thought & effort. I'm so impressed! I actually ended up  changing up the fabric in each bundle a bit, once I learned what their favorite colors were- which you may notice.  The first 2 bundle winners received the green/turquoise stack & the orange stack of fabric.  These were the first chosen initially & I liked how the stacks worked together - so it seemed fitting to have them in the first post together. 

This first stack of green & turquoise fabric went to Heather {ringmaster}. Heather has a fondness for Blythe dolls & has created her own version of a Project Runway finale for you. She has recently rediscovered her love of making doll clothes and from the looks of things, seems to have found her calling. Tim Gunn needs to see all of this because you really made it work Heather. Nice job!

Kari was sent the stack of orange fabrics. As you see, she made two beautiful pillows - one patchwork & one yo-yo, for her new sofa. The soft velveteen was used for a spunky, tie wearing bear for her 1 year old, Max. Kari seems to have an eye for home decor. These look like they could be seen at Anthropology, don't you think? Nice job to you too Kari! 

Didn't these gals do a fantastic job with their fabric bundles? Check back on Tuesday for 3 more wonderful creations. Next Friday you will have a chance to see all 5 together  &  be asked to vote for your favorite finished product. The winner will receive more fabric & a $20 klt:works gift card!  So be sure to come back.  

Oh, &  if you are curious :: 
Check out what Carmel is doing with her klt:fabric stash here. {the first klt:sketchbook fabric giveaway winner}

Happy Fabric Friday


  1. These are amazing!! Love the pinwheel cushion but those outfits and the Blythe dolls are fan-freaking-tastic!! I love the separates (top/bottom) sets. Great job Kari & Heather!! Totally inspired now..

  2. i am very partial to the pillow on the left! nice...

  3. I love Kari's pillows. They would be a nice accent on a couch. The sweet necktie bear is adorable. Well done!



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