Monday, April 4, 2011

{Fabric Friday} last 3 creative competition entries...

Ok fabric enthusiasts, it's another chance to be wowed by people's creativity. Here are the last 3 entries in 5 Bundle Creative Competition. It's been so cool to see that the creations are as unique as the places that they came from. It's all about the lime, blue, & pink stacks today... 

The lime stack of fabric was shipped to Dawn (pop-i-cok). How cheerful & charming is this little bunny? I love the stitched details throughout & cool play with pattern. I'm sure this fellow will make some kiddo thrilled. Nice work Dawn! 

Heather jumped out of her comfort zone with her fabric of blues. I love her attitude & her lovely, modern twist on the "stained glass applique" method of quilting. You can just sense her enthusiasm from looking at her piece. Great job to you too Heather!  

The pink stack of fabric went to Amy who embraced this challenge by not only creating a beautiful gift set of stationary, but also created a new crafting space in her house to work on this project. Her love of handwritten letters inspired this creation along with the special & creative ladies in her life. Certainly a letter on one of these cards would be cherished.  Well done Amy! 

See what I mean? These are three very different, but equally special treasures don't you think? If you missed the first 2 wonderful entries, go check them out here. Again, I have to say- I'm so impressed. Everyone was so excited & gracious about being included in this challenge. I really appreciate the effort everyone put forth. I know time isn't easy to find. Be sure to come back on Fabric Friday for the voting. You get to decide who wins another fabric stash & a $20 klt:works gift card. What would you do if a stash of fabric was given to you? 


  1. Wow!! What amazing and completely different projects everyone came up with! It'll be very very hard to choose just 1 winner in the end. You gave away some gorgeous prints and fabrics and the results from the winners are overwhelmingly creative and impressive!

  2. these all turned out so cool! i love the little rick rack bunny whiskers!

  3. OMG, quite ashamed at my lack of talent. These are all amazing! So creative & imaginative! I do, however, have my fave so I will be back to vote ... Great job everyone!



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