Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} colors of the fair...

A few weeks ago, I posted my favorite b&w picture that Chris took of Sayer and I at the local fair. I love how timeless the b&w made our outing look- and how dramatic the shadows became. But being that I am a big fan of color, I wanted to document how the night looked through my klt:color googles. I went through the photos that we took that evening and found little snippets of color, texture, and shape inspiration.

The fair also has tons of cool signage & typography to look at which I am continuously drawn to. I think it is pretty fascinating (and somewhat scary too) how these rides and little buildings travel and can pop up in almost any setting to create some instant magic. Too bad I couldn't capture the smells in this post.

Sayer's favorite ride was the Jalopy cars which seemed to go around & around & around, endlessly. We each had our turn with him on that ride, but when he rode with Chris, he got to drive the very first car. I thought this picture that I took of them (after the 20th time around) was really funny. 

Sayer and I enjoyed the carousel together- that was "our" ride. This one went a little faster then the one we rode in Seattle earlier in the month. He wanted to be independent but didn't really want me to move too far away because it was a tiny bit "scary". One of the things that I like about this picture is the quiet and thoughtful quality to it. I like the fact that the trees were in the background rather then a parking lot. There is a continuous thread of green in these last two photos that I love as well. Sayer and I tend to gravitate towards green. He picked out that horse - and it was the one I had my eye on too. So there you have it- some summer fair inspiration in a nutshell. Now I am going to tuck those snippets in my sketchbook for a rainy day...


  1. Oh,those beautiful colors. Nice to see how a fair at your place looks. Totally different than in The Netherlands. By the is good post because it's raining for days now,overhere.

  2. I love these! Frameable memories.. I got a good laugh out of the photo of Sayer & Chris. haha! Awesome. And I love the last one too, that used to be me but now, Keira makes me 'ride' one of the horses too (i.e. Mom, go away cuz I'm a big girl now!). Makes me feel proud and sad at the same time. So enjoy Sayer moments like these.
    Also: I loved your comment on my last post. I didn't get to FAO until I was 15 and was awed (didn't buy anything though, my mom thought I was too old! lol). So so very sweet that your mom got you that Kermit plush to keep you company. I'm glad to hear he's kept you company throughout the years..

  3. Great always!!!! LOVE the colour! its fantastic! I get a little misty looking at pics of fairs ... always a highlight for us with our son ... they grow up fast....Enjoy!!!



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