Friday, August 27, 2010

{Fabric Friday} circa 50 & beyond...

It is really no secret that I love all things modern so I was eagerly anticipating the Monaluna Circa 50 line that debuted in March for birch organic fabrics. -Organic & modern design... now that is really something to get excited about. When I saw the cars fabric I knew I wanted it for the quilt that my mom and I are working on for Sayer's big boy bed. But I also plan on using  some of the great pebble and sunbursts for klt:plush as well. I'm still thinking of the perfect project for the houses & chairs fabrics ... 

{collection image via birch fabrics}

I have been fond of Monaluna fabric designs for awhile now. Monaluna is a textile design company in the California Bay Area that was started by designer, Jennifer Moore. Monaluna began a partnership with Robert Kaufman Fabrics before their partnership with Birch Organic Fabrics. They all have a clean and modern feel to them which is what I like. I seem to gravitate towards the Robert Kaufman, Mingle collection the most (which all 4 of the fabrics below are  from).

I look forward to seeing what Monaluna comes up with for future collections. I am certain that you will be seeing more pop up in the klt:fabric stash. Happy Fabric Friday!  

Fabric Shop Update: You may remember the Fabric Friday post where I wrote about my favorite Seattle fabric shop called, Fabric Crush. Well, for those of you that don't live in the area, there is a new Fabric Crush website that has a "shop" feature! Just wanted you fellow fabric lovers to know about it....


  1. i love the houses and the chairs!!! wait i love the entire collection!

  2. i love these cars and the fabrics also! very fresh colored.

  3. I love the car fabric too! You're making a quilt for Sayer with your mom? That is so cool! Great choices. Have been checking out the Fabric Crush site too! Is that a mini chair? Love that too!

  4. I bought some of this fabric. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but my son saw the cars fabric and wanted to keep it. It is soooo lovely!



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