Friday, October 22, 2010

{Fabric Friday} custom colors...

One of my favorite things about making mobiles & nursery decor items, is that people often send me pictures of their nurseries in various stages of their development - both while I am creating a mobile for them or once the mobile is in their room. I can't tell you how many times people have told me that they have created their entire nursery around one of the mobiles that I made. It's  compliment that I don't take lightly as I know how incredibly special & personal  decorating  a nursery for your child is.  

Sometimes I get requests for mobiles with custom colors. I'm always willing to do that if I have the fabrics. I got such a request yesterday for a Flights of Fancy Mobile in light pink, bright pink, and b&w as the main colors. As I was pulling together stacks of fabrics in those colors and data to send this customer, I thought it would make a nice Fabric Friday post. I see this mobile being a lot like the B&W mobile that was Sayer's first mobile (& still in his room- but the Crawling Critters is now over his bed). I would just incorporate some of the fabrics in the stacks pictured. It was fun to think about a different color scheme- particularly this one. When I first started making mobiles & plush for klt:works, I really stuck to gender neutral colors but over the years, the requests for pink have just skyrocketed. So, I do happen to have a nice little selection of pinks that I have acquired. In these stacks you will find some: P&B textiles, Robert Kaufman organics, Westminster Fibers, Michael Miller, Free Spirit, Joel Dewberry, Kai Fabrics, Monaluna Kaufman, and various wool blends & wool felts. Happy Fabric Friday! What four colors are dominant in your room or your child's room?


  1. Oooooh! These fabrics will make an awesome mobile K!
    (weel, YOU'll make it awesome :)

    (btw, same thing happened to me with pinks - the last felts I ordered were pink tones - now I have to order them frequently :) One of the funniest things a customer wrote was: "I never thought I'd order a pair of pink shoes for my girl, but.." and I replied: "Dear lady, I never thought I'd make pink shoes too, but here I am..." :)

  2. Oh my, is that the little Sayer? Look at him, so content in his crib and staying put. lol! What a cutie. I often think about you entrepreneurs.. and the colours and choices you have to make for the general public. Because a lot of what I want is not out there. As a mom to a girl, I am all for pinks! The fabric choice above, the AMAZING pink mobile.. WOW! Is that Dewey's girlfriend I see above?? I'd take that stack of pink fabrics above and make all kinds of pillows for my K's bedroom. Because it is a girl's pink room! You've got an amazing array of fabrics Kristin.. and your mobiles are out of this world gorgeous. Have a super Sunday!



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