Sunday, October 24, 2010

{Inspiration} costumes...

The clock is ticking- there is only one more week to get costumes figured out & made.  I feel a little pressure to makes something wonderfully creative for Sayer, yet I haven't started anything. Over the years, Chris has made some really elaborate costumes for himself. I guess you could say that Halloween is one of his favorite holidays. While I completely love dreaming & making up costumes, ever since I started klt:works, I've been too busy sewing things for orders.  But now that Sayer is in the mix... it is just that much more interesting & important to figure it all out. 

Sayer's went as "Plankton" from Sponge Bob for his first Halloween. Chris dreamed it up, and I made it. It was pretty simple and comfortable for him to wear and he seemed to like it. The first time he saw himself in the mirror with the hat, he was really scared though...

Last year Chris made these really cool robot costumes for the two of them to wear. We hadn't really anticipated (because S is our only child & we are new to this parent thing) that he may not want to wear a box. The full costume was finally worn once we went to grandma & grandpa's house, but it was sort of a dramatic evening. Sayer is in a little parade with his grandma during the day and traditionally has worn a hodge pod of past halloween costumes that my mom had made us as a kid. This year he is all set to be a fireman for that little parade. He LOVES his fireman hat, coat, and boots - he wears them even when it isn't Halloween. So we are guaranteed that he will wear it and be comfortable and warm. However, he did suggest a few interesting ideas for costumes that I am debating whether I should try to make.  There is such a strong tradition of making costumes between Chris & I, that I feel the need to whip something up. I do work well under pressure... so I guess time will tell what gets created and what doesn't. I even got out all of my vintage patterns that were used when I was a kid, just to inspire me. What are you going to be for Halloween? Do you have a favorite costume from when you were a kiddo?

*If you find you are in need of some costume inspiration too, pop on over to Modern Kiddo for an awesome Halloween parade here.


  1. So nice to hear you both love making costumes! SAyer is really a lucky guy :)
    We didn't have Halloween until recently - it's an "imported" holiday to us, but younger people and children really caught up quickly with it. Now there are lot's of Halloween parties around, lots of excitement.
    For me, our real costuming holiday will remain the February Carnival (same one as the Venetian Carnival, we share the same tradition in all the Mediterranean) - it lasts about 2 weeks, and you're allowed to do anything you like, act silly and crazy, and dress in whatever you like during it's duration.
    I looked forward to all the carnival parties when I was a kid - my best and most favourite costume was "La Bayadère" that my nonna made for me. The last time I made a costume was a long time ago - I made a "golden chicken" costume for the celebration in Dubrovnik.

    Enjoy making the costume - Can't wait to see photos of it! :)

  2. This is hilarious and awesome at the same time! LMAO! That Plankton outfit is the bomb! I love SpongeBob! Sayer is so freaking cute in that outfit, right down to the antennas.. Hooohhahahaha... Oh man, I'm loving this. Wow. Halloween is next week. I don't even know if the kiddo will be able to wear her costume it's been so cold out lately. We do have our decorations out, including a spider web and bright light witch thingy we bought soo.. does that make up for not having time to whip up a hand-made costume?? : )
    Can't wait to see what you come up with Kristin.. heehee..

  3. i tried to comment on this earlier but my phone wouldn't let me log in!
    can i just say how amazing that plankton costume is! i can't wait to see if you make something for him.
    my mom made all of our costumes growing up so i have tried to make them every year!
    BTW we must have worn a lot of the same costumes! i have that simplicity pattern with the witch, fairy and angel from my childhood but it is missing some pieces. i also have the clown pattern. and penelope is going to be an old school raggedy ann. i still need to make a wizard cape and finish a gene simmons costume!



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