Monday, October 25, 2010

{Music Monday} dark & creepy ...

Are you having a hard time getting into the Halloween Spirit? Well, just listen to a little Dead Man's Bones, and that should help. I saw this video last year and was really intrigued with it. Click here to check out a short documentary about the Dead Man's Bones tour last Fall. The band's philosophy and the way they incorporated various children's choirs on tour is really cool. Happy {Halloweenish} Music Monday!
{image via here}

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  1. aight, I checked out the photo and my eyes went BOING.. Yep, that's Ryan Gosling! lol. He sounds pretty darn good! I must admit, I did go a-searchin' for a MusicMonday post here a few times.. : ) This is such a fantastic project (album?)! Can't believe Halloween is next week! Maybe we should stock up on candies right? hehe. Hope you're having a good Monday!



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