Sunday, November 28, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} four fun finds # 4

Cozy weather & the holidays inspired this mini collection. Here are four fun finds that keep me thinking about the idea of "home"....

1. This Peter Rabbit Cabin Ornament stole my heart immediately when I saw it.  Chris has been making little cabin ornaments & garlands at hutch studio lately & I adore them. He uses recycled, vintage children's books- in this case, Peter Rabbit. I first saw the storybook cabin garlands on the hutch studio FB page & immediately inquired about them when he came home.

2. I actually own a little Alice Apple plush dog that I find really sweet. The new House & Apple cushions caught my eye when I was checking out what's new in her shop.

3. This dollhouse from Ferm Living is really smart. The house is wallpapered with Ferm Living wallpaper designs & it's easily foldable. 

4. Not an afterthought at all, this print by Hollie Chastain called, "Afterthought"  has been in my "Etsy Favorites" for a little while now. 

Hope you are having a nice weekend! What makes you think of "home"?


  1. Those four do have a domestic feel ... I love coming home, even though it's a mess!

    I did notice the story of Peter Rabbit on that little house ornament ... so lovely!

    And I'm really taken by dolls' houses which are wallpapered ... I'm dying to wallpaper Martha's dolls' houses but am afraid I'm cock it up! And then there's deciding what wallpaper to use ... I'll have to think about it and walk around like the fellow in Image 4.

  2. Oh I absolutely adore the Peter Rabbit house and garlands! That's definitely something to try with all my old French children's books.

  3. Very cool finds Kristin. Love the Hutch Studios garlands! So vintage, whimsical and well thought out. The little paper homes have me intrigued by all its sides.

  4. i love that little house from vintage books!!! so cool!

  5. @Carmel- I like coming home too (although I seem to always be home). I wallpapered my old dollhouse when I was younger- complete with unicorn s & rainbows. Did you ever see this post? You can only see a little of the remaining wallpaper during the "reno". :) I love that image of you walking around like the guy in the print. :)

    I thought you all would like those vintage book cabins. I love them too. I passed on your comments to Chris... :)



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