Saturday, December 11, 2010

{Paper} A cool way to plan...

You can find a Moleskine sketchbook in every bag I own, tucked away in various closets, in the stack of books by my bed, & in all nooks of my studio.These are my favorite sketchbooks & it was cool to stumble on this awesome ad for the mini Moleskine planners. Some wonderful paper magic...

Hmmm, mine doesn't do that. Does yours? Hope you are having a nice weekend! {via Paper Forest}


  1. That is so cool! Loved it. The only thing with Moleskin is.. they're overpriced. But I always get their grid paper mini's. : )

  2. :)) Great video! And funny, we both got these minis (the tiny ones) about 10 days ago - mine is black, Zozo's is turquoise.
    Big Moleskine lovers here too, have quite a lot of them, hubby especially.



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