Friday, December 10, 2010

{Fabric Friday} vintage stash peek....

I've been so busy lately that I haven't even been able to touch the new additions to my vintage fabric stash. I have so many ideas of what I'm going to do with them & I'm just itchin' to start cutting & sewing something new. However, I thought I would share a peek of bright & cheery finds so that they aren't completely neglected. 

The top three fabrics have been added to my Marimekko stash & just arrived from Finland a few days ago. They are so gorgeous & it's driving me nuts that I can't work with them right now. I'm practicing some serious restraint & discipline to stay away. The next stack is a fun assortment that I've collected over the last few months from  Frecklewonder. Did I ever tell you that I am fond of paisley? I always have been & was really drawn to those top two paisley patterns. Looking at all of them together it appears that I have been drawn to purples, oranges, & pinks lately (but will always like turquoise).  Stay tuned, when the holiday bustle is over... I'm diving into this stack head first.  Happy Fabric Friday! Do you have a favorite from this stash?


  1. yes my favorite is the orange and turquoise paisley pattern!!!

  2. oh my HEAVENS! can i move in?

    gorgeous nicey!

  3. I could look at fabric all day.

    Etsy has a lot of vintage Marimekko which is taunting me, at the moment.

    Though it sounds like you have a supplier at the source!

  4. I love that lime and berry fabric! I can't wait to see what these turn into.. I guess we'll have to wait and see. : )

  5. love the orange and blue paisley!



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