Saturday, May 28, 2011

{Vintage Fisher Price} Barky & The Happy Hauler...

Ever since I saw that a new little junk store opened up downtown, I've been just itchin' to give it a browse through. Today I snuck down for a quickie look & found two little vintage fisher price toys calling my name (for mere pennies). 

Barky & the Happy Hauler just had to come home with me. They've definitely seen better days, but I love that about them. The Happy Hauler even has a tulip on it so how could I pass it up, given we live among so many tulips? I get so excited when I find stuff like this & can't wait to see Sayer's reaction to my finds. One of my favorite things to do is show him these treasures for the first time, when I'm behind a camera. 

Because honestly, as much as I love finding cool vintage toys- I love watching Sayer play even more. So it's extra fun to document both. Tonight Sayer put the Happy Hauler in his firehouse garage & Barky is now the firehouse dog. Safe to say that he is as smitten with these toys as I am.  He can even do a nice Barky expression. Hey wait, is that Barky on his tee you ask? Quite possibly... 

Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend! 


  1. You're starting to amass a great collection of Fisher Price.

    Sayer has had a growth spurt in his face. He's looking very mature. One son. Right now I'm thinking one son is ideal, because two sons are mucking up and it's BEDTIME!!

  2. I know exactly where you bought that! I almost bought that dog for Edna....I give her pictures of boston terriers I find. Her own little dog is Mollie and Edna loves her to pieces.

  3. We have the happy hauler at our house!

  4. @Carmel- I know, I'm running out of space. :) LOL
    I was just noticing that Sayer is looking more & more like a big boy. He's really tall too! Just one can muck it up at bedtime as well.

    @Krys- Yep, I know you know where I got that. I was half expecting to run into you. Sounds like you have found some awesome things there. I'm glad you left me these little nuggets.

    @Flannery O'kafka- That's cool! What year is it? I couldn't find that on the bottom, it's rubbed off. :)

  5. It's 1966...just barely legible on ours!

  6. Thanks~ I was guessing around that time. :)

  7. Does Fisher Price know about you? And your collection? Cuz they should! These are awesome! I love the Barky toy.. I think you'll be surprised but Keira would absolutely love these.. she's into cars.. hers might be rainbow coloured but she loves to pull and push em! She'd have fun with Sayer!



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