Saturday, February 18, 2012

{Fun} Documenting the 40's...

It started last year & Sayer was my inspiration. I had an idea to officially document his birthday every year by taking photos of him in our photo studio. I would come up with an idea of how to take the photos by using his interests from the previous year as my guide. I turned 40 last year & felt that it would be a good time for me to start documenting my birthdays too.

Now over the years, I slowly started to shy away from the camera myself- being much more content behind the lens rather than in front of it. However, this little exercise in documenting each year has helped that shyness a bit. Deep down- I'm really a ham & it takes the right photographer to bring that out. I started realizing that music, a fun idea, & a timer on the camera was just what I needed to really enjoy the self portrait process. I now look forward to my birthday for a different reason than I used to -  so I can fiddle around in the studio with the camera. This year I was excited to play around with the idea of being literally in the '40's & my love of vintage cameras. Yes, I just finally saw the Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris, which I think inspired my little photo shoot tremendously.

I think it will be cool to look at February 17th every year through my eyes. This year the focus was the camera & last year it was balloons.... but really, it's always about having a really fun, creative hour to myself on my birthday. Do you have a birthday tradition?


  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE these photos of you Kristin! I especially love the cloche hat. I think this is a terrific birthday tradition. A way to celebrate who you are, celebrate you. I hope you had a wonderful day and a great time out! Everyone has their own love of an era in time.. I guess the 40s is yours right now. : ) You look absolutely lovely!

  2. super fun photos! happy birthday to you! i LOVE birthdays + traditions [especially birthday traditions] :)

  3. Fantastic! & Funtastic! These are great self-portrait photos K! This new b&w one is terrific, and pure Woody Allen movie! Love it! You look great!

  4. I like your camera,it's precious :P



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