Friday, April 8, 2011

{Fabric Friday} VOTE for your favorite...

Five bundles of fabric were shipped off to 5 random winners. Five unique & wonderful creations from those bundles were submitted. Now the only thing left to do is VOTE! Everyone did a fantastic job & I know they inspired many.  To decide who gets the final bundle of fabric & a $20 klt:works gift card, I need your help. You have until next Tuesday (12th @ midnight PST) to let me know your favorite creation by leaving a comment on this post. Let's take another look... 

Pretty great what all of these ladies came up with isn't it? If you would like to see more about the creations, click their names & it will take you to the post where their work was first introduced. Thanks again for your participation in this creative contest. Have a wonderfully creative weekend! Happy Fabric Friday! Don't forget to let me know your favorite.... 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

{Everyday Inspiration} A day of yellow & green...

The sun peeked out from behind a cloud for a few minutes today. So, Sayer & I grabbed our boots & cameras, then headed out the door for a little adventure. We don't have to go very far to be surrounded by fields of yellow daffodils & lots of mud puddles (soon there will be tons of blooming tulips). Sayer told me that he wanted to take photos of the flowers... so that we did!

We jumped, we splashed, & we took photos. We even had a little "Sound of Music" moment. It's safe to say that we'll both sleep well tonight. The fresh air & gorgeous color did us some good. Hope you had a nice day too! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Good Read} even though I can't read Japanese...

There are many languages on my list to learn these days. I rely heavily on Google translators daily it seems. While learning Japanese seems interesting for a number of reasons, being able to finally read the Paumes series of design books would on top of the list. It takes a special book for me to buy it even though I don't know how to read it- but to buy three books written in a different language would take something special. When I first read about the Paumes books, I immediately went on a search for them. As a New Year's gift to myself, I bought the, children's rooms "Stockholm" & The Finland Family Style book. My favorite thing to do is flip through them before I go to bed. They give me extra creative dreams.  Later, for a birthday/Valentine's Day gift to myself, I added, Paris Creative Couples to my stash.

{These photos are from my Paris Creative Couples book}

{These photos are from my Finland Family Style book}

{& these photos are from the Children's Rooms "Stockholm"}

It seems particularly relevant to share my love for Paumes right now. Yesterday, Paumes started a charity event called "Pray for Japan" for the people suffering from disaster of the earthquake & tsunami. It's an art exhibition in their gallery where all of the sales from the artwork will be contributed via Japanese Red Cross Society. You can view the participants & more about the exhibition here  . If you wish to donate to Japan relief, I've got a button on my sidebar that takes you straight to a few ways to do so- including Red Cross. 

It's always nice to see interesting companies & talented individuals making a difference. It just makes me like them even more. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

{Fabric Friday} last 3 creative competition entries...

Ok fabric enthusiasts, it's another chance to be wowed by people's creativity. Here are the last 3 entries in 5 Bundle Creative Competition. It's been so cool to see that the creations are as unique as the places that they came from. It's all about the lime, blue, & pink stacks today... 

The lime stack of fabric was shipped to Dawn (pop-i-cok). How cheerful & charming is this little bunny? I love the stitched details throughout & cool play with pattern. I'm sure this fellow will make some kiddo thrilled. Nice work Dawn! 

Heather jumped out of her comfort zone with her fabric of blues. I love her attitude & her lovely, modern twist on the "stained glass applique" method of quilting. You can just sense her enthusiasm from looking at her piece. Great job to you too Heather!  

The pink stack of fabric went to Amy who embraced this challenge by not only creating a beautiful gift set of stationary, but also created a new crafting space in her house to work on this project. Her love of handwritten letters inspired this creation along with the special & creative ladies in her life. Certainly a letter on one of these cards would be cherished.  Well done Amy! 

See what I mean? These are three very different, but equally special treasures don't you think? If you missed the first 2 wonderful entries, go check them out here. Again, I have to say- I'm so impressed. Everyone was so excited & gracious about being included in this challenge. I really appreciate the effort everyone put forth. I know time isn't easy to find. Be sure to come back on Fabric Friday for the voting. You get to decide who wins another fabric stash & a $20 klt:works gift card. What would you do if a stash of fabric was given to you? 

{Music Monday} Fleet Foxes in Spring...

I was excited to hear a little taste of the new Fleet Foxes album that's coming out May 3. Sounds like it will be some perfect walking, listening, & thinking music. What do you think? Happy Music Monday!  

Sunday, April 3, 2011

{Vintage Inspiration} four finds...

I've been playing this game of karma lately when it comes to finding cool vintage goodies. It seems as if by dropping off a few boxes of my own junk at the local thrifts, I increase my luck with what I find at my favorite antique shop. I was over the moon with this latest batch of vintage goodness. Funny, but I think I shop & find things by palette. These four finds were purchased in the same few days (3 in the same trip). 

My fondness for the monkey toy goes way back. When I saw him on the shelf, I think I jumped a little bit. I remember buying one just like that at a garage sale when I was kid. I thought he may freak Sayer out, but it's like the monkey from "Toy Story" so he thought it was funny. The cover of the book immediately drew me in- I'm a sucker for owls, kitties, & illustrations of that vintage. I love the palette & imagery. Of course when I see any kind of vintage train or fire truck, I snatch it up of Sayer and this little vintage Fisher Price toy thrilled him. The tin, red doll case was a total score & now houses Sayer's toys in my studio. All of these finds have actually found homes in my studio where I'm sure they will serve as inspiration in one form or another. Do you have a group of colors that you find you are drawn to often & are inspired by? 
Hope are enjoying your weekend! 


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