Friday, July 1, 2011

{Fabric Friday} CourtneyCourtney...

Courtney Chu is a magician with repurposed or "upcycled" textiles. She creates unique, "visually striking", & comfy pieces of art to wear. This lady knows her stuff when it comes to designing these cool clothes. Her background includes an Industrial Design major from Carnegie Mellon University & she has a full time job as a product designer for a children's rainwear & accessory company. She masterfully creates clothes that show her enthusiasm for  design, sewing, upcycling, & textiles. 

I recently sent Courtney a few of my "oops" prints for her to incorporate into her designs & I LOVE what she came up with. I really want this first dress in my size! 
("oops" prints: are prints that have irregularities in either the fabric they are printed on or in the screenprinting.)

KLT owl image used from this.

KLT owl image used from this.

KLT nest image used from this & owl image from this

KLT dog image from this.

I'm so thrilled that our paths crossed & I look forward to sending more prints her way in the future. If you are interested in purchasing some of her creations, make sure you sign up for Courtney's emails here so you can see fun new photoshoots & all of the new courtneycourtney dresses that are available for purchase. Thanks for the inspiration Courtney! I love to see KLT through your eyes.  Check out courtneycourtneyon FB too! 
(all images property of Courtney Chu)

Happy 4th of July weekend (or Canada Day weekend) everyone!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Giveaway} the winners are...

Today was a memorable day. We  went to Seattle to pick up Sayer's first pair of  glasses. As I mentioned last week, he wasn't exactly thrilled to get them- he tried to convince me that he didn't need them. However, I wore him down a bit (read how here) & he was actually pretty excited to go get them. He was feeling quite grown up today & I found on more than one occasion, a lump in my throat. Seeing him with his glasses on made me see glimmers of my self as a child (a cooler, hipper self). On our way home, we went to a big park to play for a bit & sort of tested out what it was like to wear glasses on the playground....& it all came back to me.

While it's true, I was completely distracted today, I didn't forget that I said I would post 3 klt:tee bundle winners on Tuesday. I felt it was appropriate to have Sayer draw names from his hat before he went to bed tonight. Here are the names that he chose  (in order) Make Mine Mid Century, Marie, Ideal Carefully Curated Goods. I do believe that all three of these winners wanted the same bundle first, so I will have to use the 2nd choices a bit. Thanks again for your interest everyone! If you are a winner, make sure I have your mailing address ( I'll have more tees to give away after Sayer's next growth spurt.... stay tuned.

Monday, June 27, 2011

{Music Monday} inspired morning...

Being an artist, it's a wonderful thing to wake up to your son exclaiming, with all of the gusto that he could muster, that he has to paint RIGHT NOW. Sayer woke up on the artistic side of the bed this morning. He was inspired & knew just what he wanted - or rather, needed to do. It's was our  "Saturday" & Chris was home today.  After Sayer grabbed his painting apron, he let us know what his plans for the morning were.

He wanted to paint with his hands, paint with a brush, listen to Matt Costa, then watch the Matt Costa Mr Pitiful video (you know the one with the man with all of the instruments attached to him?), & then have daddy read the book  about NYC- the one that has the fire truck in it. Not a bad morning I'd say. The Matt Costa videos were requested again tonight- particularly Mr. Pitiful. He loves the first 30 seconds in particular- when MC is getting all of his instruments on. We all agreed that he looks like he is in hutch studio. Sayer went to bed tonight dreaming up how he can "tape" or attach all of his instruments onto himself. Looks like we have a project for tomorrow. 

I know I've already posted about Matt Costa (including the Mr. Pitiful video)  here, but it seemed necessary to repeat it today. Besides, it's one of my favorites. Happy Music Monday! What did you do this morning?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

{Inspiring Design} the Do Nothing Machine...

It's a sunny Sunday & if I had this cool contraption in our back yard, it would be movin' like crazy! I was just able to sneak in a little break & picked up my new dwell magazine to find an article about the "Do Nothing Machine" (pgs 86 & 87) designed by the Eames Office in 1957. Ray & Charles Eames (my all time favorite designers) made this intricate toy due to a request to design something that would show off the potential of Aluminum Company of America's lightweight metals. This awesome machine gets it's energy from a sun-charged battery pack.

What a perfect day to learn about something that does nothing, creatively... by the power of the sun- which is what I hope to do a little of today. Thanks again Ray & Charles for inspiring me with your genius. Now, back to a little dwell reading & drooling (over the design of course) before I head up to the studio.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

{top images via here & here}


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