Friday, July 15, 2011

{shop update} tees & prints...

Pheewww- what a week! New things are still flowing into the shop & I'm a wearing my shutterbug hat again. I would like to be reading my UPPERCASE Magazine under a tree right now, but I will let Katie enjoy it. However, that will be a goal of mine for the weekend. For today's shop updates I have some Rabbit tees for adults to share with you in pink & grey. The woman's scoop  neck Rabbit tee is so soft & Alternative Apparel donated 10% of my purchase of these pink tees to the Susan B Komen foundation for breast cancer research- which made my color choice simple. The unisex eco Rabbit tee is also really cozy - both are perfect weekend tees I think. Why yes, Cardboard Man wears it well doesn't he? 

I'm also excited about 3 new letterpress prints that Amy Redmond just finished printing for me. You can read the post I wrote about her & the letterpress process here. I added a hedgehog, rabbit, & fox to the mix of ever growing thread drawn characters.  

Back to the studio for me... but I hope everyone has a great weekend!  What are your plans?

{Using, the winner of the funky owl toddler tee is #1 Shannon. Thanks for the comments & feedback everyone.}

Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Giveaway} Rainy Day....

It's raining non-stop & I find I'm thinking of sunny days. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to go though old beach photos. I came across this sweet picture of Sayer on our trip to Boston 2 years ago. He's wearing an owl tee that was printed on these funky Alternative Apparel tees that have the seams on the outside & rolled sleeves & bottom- a perfect summertime tee. I only printed a few & just found 2 in the studio - size 2T. So, it's a rainy day giveaway here. I'm going to give away 1 on the blog & 1 on the KLT FB page. Are you interested? If you are, just leave a comment telling me what your favorite KLT product is & why. I'll draw names tomorrow & post the winner. 

Hope you are having nice weather where you are.... 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{photos} a day at the beach...

I love the beach. It's always been a place that I gravitate to. No matter where I've lived, I've found where the nearest river, lake, or ocean, quickly. Romping around in the seaweed, sand & water calms me right down. Yesterday the three of us headed to a nearby beach to revel in it's goodness. Why are my guys dressed the same you ask yourself? Do we always go places dressed alike? Well, I admit, this was one of my multitasking ventures. I'm in the middle of a flurry of new klt:products & needed photos of the new adult sized owl cardigan. I thought I would get some updated photos of the kiddo cardi too. So, I brought the camera with me on our adventure- hoping to capture a little something special. It was a bit overcast so the cardigans were perfect for the beach. Oh, & we don't always dress the same, but we do find on occasion that we are all wearing an owl tee (just different colors).

Beach photos are some of my favorites & add these two guys to the mix, it's a recipe for me to go a bit nutty with the camera.  250+ photos later & I have some keepers that I think capture the day. It was just what we needed... & I felt lots of seaweed & sand in my toes. Where is your favorite place to escape to?

Monday, July 11, 2011

{Music Monday} drifting...

Nice & easy.... that's how I hope today will be. I learned about Benjamin Francis Leftwich from Marie Bee's Sunday Song series last week. I was lured in because of the photography of the video. It's beautiful & dreamy (like Marie) & makes me feel calm... . Now maybe I can tackle some projects with ease. Or maybe I'll just make a paper boat & float away for a bit. Happy Music Monday

{picture via hutch studio}

Sunday, July 10, 2011

{Fun Finds} timo inspiration...

Those that know me or have followed this blog for awhile will not be surprised that I love the design line, Timo. You most likely also understand my interest in characters, textiles & drawing with thread (see my thread figures here). The Timo designs just really speak to me - ALL of them! When I saw the gentleman with a black hat, it pretty much inspired me to make an Etsy treasury right there on the spot. I pictured this gentleman as an artist- (specifically a writer) walking around in Paris on holiday, looking for inspiration for his next book. When I create Etsy treasuries it's usually when I need to be doing something else. It's a way for me to take a little break & creatively recharge. I like to pick images/products that help me tell a story.... 

This treasury is called "The Creative Process" & it's full of characters, places, & things that may be used when when in the creative bubble & possibly on a deadline. You can view it live here
Hope you are having a great weekend! 


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