Saturday, December 18, 2010

A forest of trees...

I've been going to the same tree farm with my family to find a Christmas tree since about 1983. Before that, we got them from our neighbor who had great "tree connections". I don't think I missed an outing- I may have grumbled about it- but I think I always went. Even when I was in college- I would come home for Christmas and go out with them. Everything is pretty much the same every year and we still all have our individual style of searching for a tree. For those of you that have never visited a tree farm for a tree... I thought I would show you how we do it.

Ever since Chris & I have been together, we would hop in the car with my mom and dad to go search out our tree. Sayer has been a part of this tradition since he was a baby. But this year he was really enjoying romping around & searching for our tree. He just ran around, playing fireman- putting out forest fires left & right. I loved seeing how involved in the process he was- right down finding the string to tie the trees to the car. This year we took our own car and followed my parents. So, this is our view after the tree adventure. I felt that this tradition was worthy of documentation because it really is something I look forward to at Christmas time.  What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} puppet break...

It's really just the tiniest things that can inspire & entertain me. A habit that started when I was in college 10+ years ago still prevails today. When I get stressed out & need to clear my head, I just stop by my favorite antique mall & get my nostalgia fix. It's all about the colors, designs, & feelings of comfort that a place like that evokes. The idea that I might stumble on a treasure is what keeps me coming back again & again. 

I've been a sewing, packing & shipping machine lately. On my way home from the post office a few days ago, I stopped by an antique mall that I like to browse in for a quick, much needed, break.  It was all decked out in vintage Christmas decorations & was newly stocked since my last visit. I quickly headed to my favorite areas first & started my little pile of finds. When I spotted this puppet box on the ground, beneath a display, I seriously started to get butterflies. I would have bought the box by itself just for the palette & graphics alone. But look at what was inside! Those of you that have followed this blog awhile know about my love of puppets

It's so funny, but I snatched up that box like it was the must have toy of the season and it was Christmas Eve. I don't think I can even explain or understand myself completely, how happy this sweet $4 prize made me (yes, I said $4). It was the best break ever. I was inspired & ready to go back to work with a pile of nostalgia to help me get through the holiday rush. What do you like to do when you are stressed & in need of a pick me up?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{SALE} some plush for the holiday rush...

Did you know that slugs love this time of year? They get really excited at the idea of crawling into someone's stocking. While owls, birds, & snails seem to feel more at home under a tree. 

When I think about some of my favorite childhood gifts, they seem to fall into the plush friends category. So to help make the holiday season a little bit more cozy, use the code {KLTPLUSH25} for 25% off of all klt:plush here. Like the tees under the tree sale, offer is good until December 23rd 11:30pm PST. I love thinking about what kind of exciting new adventures all these little plushies are going to have.  Hope you are enjoying the holiday rush....

Monday, December 13, 2010

{Music Monday} a cold december...

I know I've mentioned that I'm a big Matt Costa fan. But I've recently discovered that Sayer really likes his music too.  Whenever I listen to his music on my computer, Sayer runs over to see the videos to the songs. I really adore Matt Costa's aesthetic in his videos. His imagery is always creatively wonderful & inspiring. As I mentioned in a previous post, I really respond strongly to his process of writing songs too. While Sayer likes all of them that he's seen, it's the Cold December video that he wants to watch over & over again - it's a definite favorite.  

Can you see why? Trains, snow, & guitars are 3 things that he finds interesting right now. But maybe it's more complicated. Just maybe he is noticing the compositions, palette, & mood that I love so much. Either way, it's a nice break from Dora the Explorer. Happy Music Monday!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

{Everyday Inspiration} Four fun finds #6

This collection of four fun finds is inspired by the holidays. I'm always drawn to palette of winter- cold skies & peppermint sticks. Here are a few things that caught my eye this week- a few for the first time & a few old favorites.

1.The Normanville coat from LittleHouses was one of the first things that I called a "favorite" on Etsy. I really like the color, buttons, & hood. Seemed about right for the weather these days. 
2. When I saw the Tapikids playmats via Pirouette blog, I was immediately smitten with them. I would love to get one for Sayer- I know he would have a lot of fun with it. I think Chris & I might make him a custom playmat for his birthday though.
3. This tiny red, felt Roland from Pulsewidth caught my attention when I saw it on Etsy. I really like plush musical instruments.
4.The Secret print from Blanca Gomez is a favorite of mine. I have a few of her prints & have her 2010 calendar. The woman from this print is the December picture & enjoy staring at it while I work.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Are you getting a chance to enjoy the holiday festivities? What is your favorite tradition?


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